Yeast Control LF2


  • Animalnutrition

Product description

<b>Complementary feed</b></br>Eastman™ Yeast Control LF2 provides wide-ranging efficacy against spoiling organisms. Unbuffered formic acid drops feed pH efficiently enabling formation of undissociated organic acid molecules which disturb cell functions of spoiling flora thus hindering their growth. Eastman Yeast Control LF2 is especially needed when moist by-products of food industry are delivered to farms to be used within several days. Typically, in those circumstances microbial contamination easily happens and due to the properties of the feed micro-organisms can rapidly multiply consequently spoiling the feed. Eastman Yeast Control LF2 can efficiently improve shelf life of the feed, especially when used before severe multiplication of the spoiling organism. Therefore, the product application should preferably take place already on the feed production site.

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