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Product description

In Europe, the feed additive formic acid is authorized for the following functions: preservative, silage additive and hygiene condition enhancer.</br></br>Preservative:</br>Eastman™ Formic Acid 85 Feed is a liquid preservative to protect feeding stuffs against deterioration caused by a broad spectrum of micro-organisms. Eastman Formic Acid 85 Feed inhibits bacterial growth in compound feeds and feed raw materials and reduces the risk of recontamination.</br></br>Silage additive:</br>The widespread use of formic acid as a commercial silage additive is well recognized and the effects of formic acid on silage fermentation have been widely reviewed. Formic acid is recommended as a standard against which to judge the value of other silage additives (EFSA FEEDAP Panel, 2012).</br></br>Hygiene condition enhancer:</br>Eastman Formic Acid 85 Feed at recommended concentrations is effective at inhibiting or reducing the number of bacterial pathogens in feed materials and compound feed. The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) has shown that formic acid can inhibit the growth of particularly <i>Salmonella ssp.</i>, <i>Campylobacter spp.</i> and <i>Listeria monocytogenes</i> at recommended dose. The MIC increased with the increased pH of the media.</br></br>Trials confirmed the effects of Eastman Formic Acid 85 Feed in improving the ensiling process and the quality of the silage at recommended doses in all categories of forages (easy, moderate and difficult to ensile).

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