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Acitra LG5 Na - FI


  • Animalnutrition

Product description

<b>Premixture</b></br>Eastman Acitra<sup>TM</sup> LG5 Na is a buffered, liquid product to control bacteria especially in fur animal feeds and slaughterhouse by-products. The product is used to protect against deterioration caused by microorganisms in compound feed and feed materials. The sodium buffering is helping to reduce metal corrosion and evaporation. Formic acid is abundant in nature and is the strongest of the simple, unsaturated carboxylic acids. It has excellent properties in controlling acidity, while at the same time effectively restricting microbial growth. Lactic acid has pKa-value close to formic acid. Combination of both formic acid and lactic acid helps to control pH and fermentation, and keep good palatability.

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