Eastman Solus™ 6905 performance additive


  • Pack coating non-tobacco-NFC
  • Packaging components non food contact

Product description

Eye-catching and luxurious packaging requires the latest effects to catch consumer attention and convey brand value; however, modern consumers and regulators insist upon sustainable packaging that facilitates recycling and waste reduction. Eastman Solus™ 6905 performance additive enables both. </br></br></br> This cellulose-based resin is designed with a careful balance of properties to deliver excellent visual effects (such as holographics and mirror gloss), good resistance to UV discoloration, and adhesion to plastic films and paper for the benefit of transfer metallization processing, to create plastic film-free metallized packaging. The excellent chemical resistance, high glass transition temperatures and tough, hard films that result from usage of Solus™ 6905 enable excellent packaging performance, and the low odor properties may be valued in the packaging production process. When dissolved in appropriate solvents, a clear, colorless solution is produced, with a low to medium viscosity. </br></br></br> Eastman Solus™ 6905 performance additive is based on sustainably-sourced cellulose, one of the most abundant natural renewable resources, with an approximate calculated bio-content of over 50%. (For information about Eastman's sustainable and ethical sourcing credentials, please discuss with your Eastman technical expert.) </br>

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