Process fluids from Eastman

Eastman makes a range of high-performance process fluids and solvents for specialized applications. We work to improve our fluids so that users across industries have a reliable product.

Our fluids have high boiling points, excellent thermal stability, and low emissions and vapor pressures. These high-purity fluids resist oxidation and may make compliance with volatile organic compound (VOC) requirements easier.

Whatever your application, Eastman has an answer.

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Process fluid selection guide

Eastman’s process fluid portfolio offers several options for high-temperature processing and use in petrochemicals, electronics and other applications. These fluids can be used as reaction mediums, stripping agents, dispersants and more.

Follow the link to our fluid selection guide for technical information and to find the right one for your business.

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Find the right fluid

Eastman’s dozen-plus process fluid options ensure there’s a right choice for your business. Users across many industries can find a fluid to enhance their company, whether they need to improve their lubricating, cooling, flushing or other operational aspects.

Use the product finder to search our portfolio and match the right fluid to your needs.

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Eastman process fluids are suitable as softening agents, as industrial solvents and for numerous other uses. Professionals in refining, photography, adhesives and many other businesses can find a suitable application for our products.

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