Introducing Eastman Aventa™ compostable materials,
an ideal solution for food service packaging

Eastman Aventa™ compostable materials are made responsibly and can be disposed of responsibly—without compromising the user experience. Derived from sustainably sourced wood pulp, Aventa is BPI-certified industrial compostable and TÜV AUSTRIA-certified home compostable*. Aventa is TÜV AUSTRIA-certified 100% biodegradable in freshwater and soil environments, and is also 100% marine biodegradable by ASTM D6691 standards. The inherently biodegradable nature of the material allows it to break down completely, and therefore does not remain as microplastics.

Containing the same benefits as Aventa, we also offer Eastman Aventa Renew with 99+% sustainable content, composed of up to 57% biocontent from sustainably sourced wood pulp plus up to 43% certified recycled content** from hard-to-recycle plastic waste diverted from landfills.

Straws made from Aventa and Aventa Renew are offered by our partner suppliers. Materials are also under development for other food service packaging.

*BPI-certified industrial compostable up to 10 mil film and 8 mil straw, TÜV AUSTRIA-certified industrial compostable up to 10 mil film, TÜV AUSTRIA-certified home compostable up to 7 mil straw.
**Calculated using mass balance with ISCC Plus certification.

Responsibly sourced from wood pulp

Uniquely environmentally friendly

Certified (BPI) industrial compostable

Uncompromising user experience

Certified 100% Biodegradable with no remaining microplastics

Unwavering support