Why Eastman Aviation Solutions?

We value relationships with our customers, so we go beyond the turbine oil, hydraulic fluid, and cleaning solvent. With every can or bottle, you also receive expert technology support, personalized customer service, reliable supply, and proven performance.

Expert technical service tailored to you

With the combined industry experience of our technical service team, we have hundreds of years of expertise. You can trust Eastman Aviation Solutions technical support to provide expert consulting, real-time troubleshooting, and changeover support. As an Eastman customer, you have access to regional, customer-facing product and application support, state-of-the-art technical resources for consulting, and advanced lab testing. Speak to a representative today.

Continuous research and development

As you know, it takes several years to bring a product to market in the aviation industry. We’re committed to developing best-in-class products through innovative testing methods, including the Aviation Lubricants Advanced Deposition Simulator (ALADS) and heritage technical excellence. When we work to solve a problem through new product chemistry, we strive to not only solve the issue at hand but also improve performance for a best-in-class product. Learn about ALADS.

Manufacturing excellence

With a broad global manufacturing and distribution network, we’re able to provide you with reliable supply and top quality to meet your needs. A consistent manufacturer means less downtime for you or your customers. Find a distributor.

Quality customer service

At Eastman, we have a team of professional customer service representatives ready to help. Whether you have a question about your upcoming order or a technical-related question, an expert is always a call away. Contact us.

Unique Skydrol sample analysis

During aircraft operations, hydraulic fluid is subjected to an environment that, in time, alters certain properties of the fluid. As a Skydrol customer, you are eligible for our Skydrol sample analysis program at no extra cost. Read more.

Committed to aviation

As a specialty materials company, Eastman is committed to providing the best for your fleet. Click on the red dots to learn more about how we support the aviation industry.