Shelf life information

Recommended shelf life information for each Eastman Aviation Solutions product is specific to package size as shown in the table. The information assumes that the original product container has remained unopened, undamaged, and stored at ambient temperature conditions (0° to 40°C/32° to 104°F). Materials should be stored under cover and away from direct sources of heat and moisture to maintain the integrity of the primary packaging (can/drum/pail) and secondary packaging (carton, if applicable).

The date of manufacture reflected on the product’s certificate of approval is the date the product was produced and placed in a storage tank. The use-by date printed on the packaging is calculated based on shelf life. The shelf life commences when the product is filled into the primary packaging, which can vary by weeks or months from the date of manufacture (see examples).

In July 2019, Eastman began producing turbo oil quart cans with laser-etched shelf life information. The shelf life information on turbo oil quart cans produced before July 2019 was embossed. The shelf life period begins when the product is packaged. Using the dates on your embossed can, refer to the shelf life information table to see if your can is still within its usable shelf life.

Contact your Eastman Aviation Solutions representative if you have any questions about product usability.

Turbo oil etched date stamp

Turbo oil embossed date stamp

Turbo oil embossed date stamp

Eastman Aviation Solutions shelf life table

Product Quart can Gallon can 5-gallon pail 55-gallon drum 330-gallon tote 350-gallon tote
Turbo oil
Eastman Turbo Oil 2197™10 years

Not available

3 years

3 years
18 months18 months
Eastman Turbo Oil 2380™4 years
Not available

Not available
Eastman Turbo Oil 2389™10 years
Helicopter gear oils
Eastman HALO 157™Not available
3 years

Not available

Not available
Eastman Turbo Oil 25™3 yearsNot available3 years
Hydraulic fluids
Skydrol™ PE-5

10 years

Not available
Skydrol™ LD-4
Skydrol™ 500B-4
Skydrol™ 5
Cleaning solvents
SkyKleen™ 1000
5 years
SkyKleen™ 2000
Reference oil 3003 years 

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