Shelf life information for turbo oils, helicopter gear oils, hydraulic fluids, and cleaning solvents​

Recommended shelf life information for each Eastman Aviation Solutions product specific to package size is shown in the table. The information is based on the original product container remaining unopened and undamaged and stored under cover at ambient temperature conditions (0° to 40°C/32° to 104°F). The use-by date is printed on all packaging to indicate the shelf life (examples follow).

Materials should be stored under cover, away from direct sources of heat and moisture, and preferably at temperatures between –5° and 30°C. The integrity of the primary packaging (can/drum/pail) and secondary packaging (carton if applicable) should be maintained.

In certain instances, shelf life can be extended based on criteria including but not limited to package integrity, storage conditions, and product retesting. However, it is strongly recommended the product be used within original shelf life limits.



Eastman aviation solutions shelf life table

Eastman aviation solutions shelf life table

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