Eastman Embrace™ copolyester
Eastman Embrace™ copolyester

Eastman Embrace™ family of resins overview

Differentiate your labels with sustainability in mind.

The Eastman Embrace™ family of resins for shrink film can help make a big difference where it counts—on the shelf. Simply put, shrink sells. Embrace solutions optimize shrink labels, empowering designers to create more innovative, engaging, and attractive packaging.

For more than a decade, Eastman has been providing materials that set the highest standards of quality and performance for the shrink label market. Our diverse portfolio of resins helps brands create attention-grabbing packaging with high definition clarity and 360° graphics that increases functionality and delivers on sustainability.

Eastman Embrace, Embrace LV, and Embrace HY provide toughness that helps labels stand up to rigorous demands:

  • Embrace offers excellent printability, water-like clarity, and greater than 75% shrinkage for use on highly contoured or complex containers.
  • Embrace LV is a versatile, one-resin solution that offers lower shrink force for use on thin-walled containers and optimal MD growth, enabling less material usage and virtually eliminating smiley faces.
  • Embrace HY is naturally white, slip resistant, and soft touch with superb UV and visible light-blocking capability—excellent for dairy or beverage containers.

Eastman’s Smart Recycle Portfolio of shrink film solutions increase the recyclability of shrink-labeled PET packaging:

  • Eastman Embrace Encore™ copolyester resin forms a versatile, clear shrink label that can be recycled with PET.
  • Eastman Embrace Float™ copolyester resin forms an opaque, low-density shrink label that floats in water and can be separated from PET in the recycling process.
  • Sun Chemical SunLam™ De-seaming Adhesive replaces a traditional solvent seam, enabling label removal in the wet recycling process.
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