Eastman Embrace Float™ copolyester

Available in 2021

Eastman Embrace Float™ copolyester is an opaque shrink film resin that gives brands the aesthetic appeal they need to succeed on store shelves with a sustainable advantage and improved functionality.

Almost half the weight of traditional PETG shrink film, Embrace Float is more compatible with PET recycling streams because the label flake floats to the surface in the float sink tank, allowing it to be easily skimmed from the surface while the bottle flake continues through the process.

With a low film density, Embrace Float yields more labels per pound of film, similar to Eastman Embrace™ HY copolyester. In other words, using Float reduces the amount of plastic needed—a key sustainability goal. The UV protection Embrace Float provides enables brands to protect precious product inside the container, such as dairy, nutrients in juices, and personal care products. It has also received Critical Guidance recognition from the Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR).

Key benefits include:

  • Eye-catching 360° graphic capability
  • Noise-free shrink film for squeezable condiment packages
  • Shrink film density less than 1.0 g/cc
  • Soft touch for easy grip
  • Greater than 70% ultimate shrinkage
  • UV and visible light protection for sensitive products