Heat Mirror® IG Product Selector

​​Heat Mirror IG provides a wide range of thermal insulation, visible light transmission and solar control to meet almost any performance requirement. The IG product selection tool below was designed to help you identify some basic configurations that meet your specific performance objectives.

If you can't quite find what you need, or require specialty glass such as laminates or tints, please contact us for additional technical assistance.

Glass Configuration Inputs

Glass Thickness:
Unit Overall:
IG Cavities:
Gas Fill:


# Solutions
Data Range
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U Value
0.000 - 0.400
0.000 - 0.600
0.000 - 0.750

Detailed Solutions Click on the PDF icon to download and save a customized Performance Report =>

If you have questions or need technical assistance to design or specify Heat Mirror Insulating glass, please contact us.
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