Applications for cosmetics packaging

The flowability and dimensional stability of Trēva empower designers and molders to create intricate thin-walled parts that other thermoplastics can’t handle, reducing waste. This ability to design with thinner walls can create downgauging opportunities, which can facilitate lighter packaging, further reducing costs.

Trēva is ideal for opaque and color-tinted parts. And because it’s chemically resistant to body oils, packaging made with Trēva will continue to look great no matter how many times it’s picked up, passed around, and used.

Trēva is ideal for:

  • Skin care caps and housing
  • Lipstick/lip gloss caps, housing, and no-contact internal mechanisms
  • Compact cases
  • Pump systems
  • Mascara caps and housing
Video for Groupe Rocher collaboration
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A collaboration between Eastman and Groupe Rocher
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Watch Groupe Rocher and Eastman collaboration video Watch video
See the Groupe Rocher ecodesign compact come to life.
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