Additives Portfolio

Eastman's Color Lab has a portfolio of additives tailored to improve your product functionality:
Color and appearance additives
Color effects Enable formulation to achieve desired color or visual
effects for clears, transparents, translucents and


metal flake
Matte or frost finishers Reduce the gloss finish of polyesters.
Optical brighteners Brighten polyester fibers, film and sheeting.
TiO2/polyester blends monofilaments and fibers. Deluster monofilaments and fibers. Add opacity and translucency.
Functional additives
Antiblocks Enable polyester film to unwind and slide over itself.
Black electrical conductors Increase electrical conductivity in polyesters.
Denests Enable blisters and other thermoformed parts to unstack.
Density reducers Enable foaming or microvoiding.
Heat stabilizers Help prevent thermo-oxidative breakdown of polymer to help maintain color and other physical properties.
Heat stabilizers/nucleators Increase thermo-oxidative stability and nucleate the polymer for faster crystallization rates.
Impact modifier concentrates Improve impact strength of polyesters.
Melt strength enhancers Build melt strength.
Mold/roll releasers Reduce sticking to molds and rolls
Slips Improve coefficient of friction without affecting clarity.
Ultraviolet screens Protect package contents from ultraviolet light.
Ultraviolet stabilizers Improve weatherability of select copolyesters and cellulosics.
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