Eastman began color works in 1932 and in 1934 the Color Lab was developed. It was intended to be a part of Eastman Kodak’s color center of excellence where customers would come on a regular basis to learn, teach, and create color of interest for their market application(s). The location is (mostly) a photo neutral gray interior, with northern diffuse lighting, a manual color matching system based on CIE L*a*b*, walk-in light booth, and vast archive of color from automotive, fashion, and durable markets. The color lab has changed very little since 1965.

In addition to the color lab where resins are handled Eastman also has a chemistry color library and a fibers color lab. Both of these contain history, formulations, and expertise (though not as extensive as the resin color lab).

As a result, Eastman has a wide variety of usable colors, associated formulas, and many, many, Pantone matches. 

Eastman's palette of color concentrates is limited only by the user's imagination!

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