In this business, it’s good to know who you can rely on.

The animal nutrition industry has unique challenges: persistent pathogens, climate change, global market fluctuations, and evolving legislation. To succeed, it helps to collaborate with an industry leader.

Throughout our century-long history, Eastman products and solutions have made life safer, easier, and better for people all over the world. Our world-class technology platforms deliver differentiated solutions in many markets, including transportation, building and construction, consumables and textiles, consumer durable goods, crop protection, and animal nutrition. Every day, our customers inspire us to challenge convention and collaborate openly. We are determined to deliver the solutions our customers expect, and the world deserves.

Our experience in animal nutrition began in 1951 with the production of butyric acid feed additives. Through a succession of strategic acquisitions and a focused investment in technical and regulatory know-how, we now offer the widest portfolio of organic acids available, a growing portfolio of specialty feed additives, and a rich range of complementary products.

Our animal nutrition mission

Eastman remains committed to investing in people, data, chemistry, and our capability to continually grow and remain a trusted partner. Our technology platforms and application expertise allow us to bring new, innovative products to the market. And by offering sound and relevant guidance, research, and information, we enable you to make informed decisions and adopt the innovations that will move the industry forward in a sustainable way.

What you can expect from us

Innovative partnership

Working in strategic partnership, nutritionists, feed mill managers, and others in the animal nutrition industry can leverage Eastman’s formulation expertise and decades of industry experience—steeped in scientific know-how and a collaborative approach. We work to understand your specific needs and jointly come up with sustainable solutions to optimize animal performance. By leveraging our technical expertise and guidance to define and set up field trials and tapping into our regulatory knowledge, nutritionists and feed manufacturers can mitigate nutritional disorders and feed quality issues, develop new concepts for feed, and augment go-to-market strategies to fulfill emerging needs. Together, we can develop customized solutions that safeguard animal health, improve yields, and improve your return on investment.


Nutritionists, farmers, and veterinarians can choose from a broad and growing portfolio of proven solutions for high-performing feed, implementing the right programs to secure long-term stability and predictability. With the rising trend to stop or reduce the use of prophylactic in-feed antibiotics and growth promoters, organic acids and their salts can provide effective alternatives to enhance performance. With a security of supply and regional expertise, Eastman Animal Nutrition can help feed mills and integrators optimize feed for farmers in their specific geographies.


By 2050, the world population is expected to reach nearly 10 billion people. As such, the animal nutrition industry is increasingly challenged to produce more with less—responsibly, safely, and sustainably. Feed mill managers, raw feed materials producers, and nutritionists need new ways to deploy emerging efficiencies in production and nutrition while simultaneously protecting the well-being of animals, workers, and everyone who eats. For example, by helping ensure a high level of hygiene in feed, Eastman products protect the welfare of both livestock and people. In Eastman, animal nutritionists have a like-minded partner committed to the safety of workers, animals, consumers, and the environment. Our quality assurance and quality control are second to none and well-documented for full transparency throughout the feed value chain.


For animal nutrition, a key element to improving sustainability is curbing feed and feed raw materials from going to waste due to contamination or spoilage. Eastman’s effective preservation and hygiene solutions not only help preserve feed materials but also feed.

From field to fork, Eastman Animal Nutrition solutions help provide better biosecurity, minimizing the entry and spread of pathogens such as Salmonella. Our organic acids also help maintain an optimal balance of microbiota in digestive tracts, improving feed efficiency and optimizing the amount of feed needed per animal. They are the best and most cost-effective alternative for antimicrobial growth promoters (AGP) and zinc oxide, and they improve animal resilience and well-being. They help minimize the occurrence of wet litters for broilers and improve chicken breast quality. Piglets are more vital and sows more robust.

Together, we can help you find solutions to preserve feed and improve conversion of feed raw materials into meat, eggs, and milk—developing sound strategies to improve sustainability in the livestock production chain and reduce the risk for antibiotic resistance for humans.

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