AIV® silage additives—a Nobel Prize-winning innovation

AIV silage additives are based on the method created by Finnish chemist Artturi Ilmari Virtanen. The aim of his research was to promote effective use of protein-rich forages and to produce milk of the same vitamin content in winter as that produced on summer pastures. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Virtanen for his research and inventions in agricultural and nutrition chemistry, especially for his fodder preservation method. The AIV method (named for his initials) is an essential part of Finnish ensiling tradition and the basis for the high standard of Finnish silage and dairy products. Formic acid is the main component of AIV products. It is a highly effective organic acid for pH reduction. Compared to many other organic acids, formic acid is a strong inhibitor of bacterial growth.

What does AIV offer?

Restricted fermentation for high-quality silage

At the beginning of the ensiling process, rapid pH drop is needed to inhibit growth of harmful, contaminating bacteria. AIV dairy products quickly drop pH and reduce the risk of unwanted fermentation as well as losses during ensiling. Having the proper level of acidity also minimizes silage protein degradation; that can be seen in the low ammonium levels in AIV-treated silages. AIV products help to restrict fermentation, which is essential with wet forages.

More milk with higher protein and fat content

Silage with restricted fermentation has been proven to increase feed intake, milk protein, and fat content as well as milk yield compared to excessively fermented silage. AIV-treated silages normally have a low number of yeasts. Consequently, silage is not prone to heating during feed-out.

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