Eastman Acitra family of preservatives

The Eastman Acitra family of acidifiers is comprised of a variety of formic acid-based blends suitable for preservation, acidifying, and hygiene control as well as helping maintain a good digestive health. Acitra blends have a preservative effect in the feed (Enterobacteriaceae, molds, and yeasts) and improve the quality of shelf life.

Eastman Acitra feed acidifiers include organic acid blends suitable for swine and/or poultry. Acitra solutions acidify or lower the acid binding capacity (ABC-4) of the feed and lead to a better natural acidification in the crop and stomach of the animal, acting as a gastric barrier to harmful bacteria. Protein digestibility improves and leads to less bacterial fermentation in the hindgut and less wet litter in poultry or diarrhea in piglets.

We also offer sodium-salt buffered organic acid blends suitable for rapid pH drop in combination with reduced metal corrosivity. Eastman Acitra Plus contains medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) combined with short-chain fatty acids (SCFA). The combination of SCFA and MCFA prevents the growth of a broader range of harmful bacteria—both gram-negative and gram-positive ones. MCFA are also an energy source for animals.

What do these solutions offer?

Eastman Acitra and Eastman Acitra Plus products offer the benefits and synergy of blends that can better target individual customer needs than single acids. Some products are available in both liquid and solid formats and as buffered or non-buffered blends to help address safety and corrosion issues.

Contact us to learn more about the specific Eastman Acitra product(s) registered in your region and how they can help your needs.

Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions. Product labeling and associated claims may differ based on government requirements.