Eastman Entero-Nova—stronger protection through optimized gut health

Your animals are under constant threat from pathogens that affect their health. Protecting it takes a robust and holistic approach—one that works further into the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

With Eastman Entero-Nova™ advanced formulations and our expert technical support, animal nutrition professionals can develop customized, effective, and safe gut health strategies that protect livestock. Entero-Nova solutions are designed to support animal gut health by addressing pathogen control, inflammation, and improving the gut microbiome.

Entero-Nova formulations include turnkey solutions for managing gut inflammation and pathogens and intestinal-health supplements designed to optimize growth performance while reducing antibiotic use. They are based on esters of short- and medium-chain fatty acids, which are effective in feed. α-Monoglycerides reduce microbial threats and are effective alternatives to antibiotics and zinc oxide. Providing a natural and holistic approach to gut health, α-monoglycerides work well and offer synergistic effects with organic acids and plant bioactives to create enhanced antibacterial properties.


  • Targeted protection—Entero-Nova solutions can control problematic pathogens without destroying beneficial gut microbiome. And, because these synergistic, monoglyceride-based solutions work independently from pH, they last longer and are effective throughout the entire GI tract.

  • Safety—Entero-Nova solutions are easy-to-handle, low-odor formulations. They are heat stable and can withstand thermal processes in feed production. Because of their low corrosion rates, Entero-Nova products are also safe for equipment.

  • Turnkey solutions that can be customized—Entero-Nova advanced formulations are all about synergies between molecules and modes of action, delivering excellent results for swine and poultry with a high selectivity of pathogen control. Different combinations can therefore control specific bacteria in the gut. For example, monoglycerides of caprylic, capric, and lauric acids can address a wide range of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and other threats.

With proper acidification, microbiome management and inflammation management, we can help you maintain intestinal integrity with a core holistic approach that includes organic acids, butyric sources, and monoglycerides. With your insights and our formulation expertise, we can develop customized solutions that safeguard your animals’ gut health, enhance productivity, improve yields, protect workers, and reduce costs.

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