GBM product family—helping maintain good animal health and performance

The GBM product family is made up of coated, calcium butyrate-based solutions with a range of benefits to swine and poultry.

GBM Performant is a highly concentrated form of encapsulated calcium butyrate. Its coating ensures a dust-free, low-odor, and easy-to-handle product; its high active ingredient content allows for low dosing levels.

What does GBM Performant offer?

In broiler and pig trials, GBM Performant has proven to improve broiler and swine weight gain and decrease the feed conversion rate. These effects are attributed to the positive influences on the gut physiology, microbiome balance, the gut mucosal barrier, and the immunity of the animal—all of which contribute to a healthy animal showing good performance. Layers and broiler breeders demonstrate a better laying percentage with eggs having a better eggshell quality and being less dirty.

GBM Enhanced is a unique, dust-free, low-odor, calcium butyrate blend mainly for poultry applications.

What does GBM Enhanced offer?

The synergy of calcium lactate and calcium butyrate helps maintain good digestive health, gut integrity, and an optimal intestinal balance.

Eastman is an authorized distributor of the GBM family of products, which are manufactured by Sanluc International nv.

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