Serving the people behind animal nutrition

Success in the animal nutrition industry requires steadfast stewardship, a commitment to continuous innovation, and thriving relationships.

The world depends on it.

In global markets threatened by pathogens, vulnerable to climate change, challenged by market fluctuations, and regulated by evolving legislation, animal nutrition is an industry beleaguered with unknowns. It helps to partner with an industry leader.

While the production and well-being of livestock must remain a principal goal, at Eastman, we never forget the animal nutrition industry thrives only if the people who dedicate their lives to it thrive as well. Our animal nutrition specialists leverage state-of-the-art chemistry, best-in-class technical expertise, regulatory acumen, and a trusted supply chain to help nutritionists, feed mill managers, quality managers, farmers, and veterinarians find the solutions and guidance they need to optimize preservation and hygiene and promote gut health.

With the widest portfolio of organic acids in the animal nutrition industry and a shared sense of stewardship, Eastman can help safeguard poultry, swine, and ruminant performance and well-being, improving yields and reducing costs. And we will continue to evolve with the market to address the industry’s ever-changing needs—investing in people, trusted data, proven chemistry, and capability improvements to offer meaningful recommendations.

Let’s work on meeting the demands to feed a growing population, protecting the environment, and ensuring the efficacy of our agricultural industries. Together, we can feed the potential of this vital industry.

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