Helping you make sustainable decisions that benefit feed, animals, and our planet

As the world population grows, so does the competition for arable land required for food, feed, and livestock production. That puts the animal nutrition industry at a crossroads—one in which we all are challenged to address pressing global problems such as natural resource scarcity, ecosystem degradation and loss of biodiversity while seeking solutions to tackle persistent pathological threats, reduce global-warming methane emissions, and reduce antimicrobial resistance.

Animal nutritionists are already challenged to produce more while faced with persistent pathological threats such as Salmonella and E. coli, and feed mill managers and quality control managers need to address evolving regulatory compliance. Meanwhile, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, animal feed accounts for up to 70% of the cost of animal production. Success will require not only new efficiencies to control costs but vigilance and innovation to become more sustainable.

The good news is that sustainable animal nutrition benefits animals, the environment, and humans alike. So how do we get there? To start, collaborate with like-minded professionals who are committed to developing solutions for high-performing feed, ensuring the efficacy of your stewardship and production of pigs, poultry, and ruminants.

Eastman has a history of innovation. We create value through our rich expertise in and integration of different technology streams to produce our products, including alkylamines, oxo derivatives, and cellulose ester/acetyl. Through our application platforms, we translate product attributes into functionalities and uses that our customers value.

Our technology platforms, combined with our strong application knowledge in the field of animal nutrition, give us the opportunity to offer innovative products to the market, helping animal nutritionists, feed mill managers, veterinarians, and quality control managers across the globe safeguard poultry, swine, and ruminant performance and well-being.

Our solutions

Animal nutrition professionals rely on Eastman solutions to successfully promote animal well-being and health while delivering high-quality yields. With a wide portfolio of organic acids, organic-acid-based synergistic combinations (both coated and uncoated, liquid and dry), and other complementary products such as choline chloride and single acids, our solutions help meet the challenges in feed preservation and hygiene and gut health.

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