Consistent high quality through optimized preservation

Farms expect feed to be consistently high quality and have enough shelf life to guarantee optimal animal performance. Any deviations in quality can result in substantial costs to the farmer and feed industry caused by impaired animal performance and product withdrawals.

Spoiling microbes tend to be present everywhere, ready to proliferate whenever conditions are optimal. Risk control measures are needed to tackle this challenge with minimum cost. Preservatives can prevent growth of microorganisms, protecting feed against deterioration and efficiently reducing spoilage risks caused by variable temperatures and moisture during transport and storage.

Eastman has developed effective and user-friendly feed preservation and hygiene solutions that help ensure consistent high-hygienic quality in feeds to keep animals in good health and maintain animal performance. We offer a range of products that effectively inhibit the growth of molds, yeast, and bacteria in feed raw materials and different types of compound feeds. Our solutions also prevent recontamination of feed after production. This extends shelf life, maintains nutritional quality, and prevents formation of mycotoxins in feed raw materials, compound feeds, and by-products. Your feed quality and safety will remain excellent for a longer period.

Good feed preservation also improves industry sustainability, curbing feed and feed raw materials from going to waste due to feed contamination or spoilage.

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