Protect your investments.

You’ve put in the hard work—sowing the seeds, maintaining your crops, and dealing with the weather and the many other challenges of farming. After all this effort, your crops are ready for harvest. Why take unnecessary risks? Eastman Animal Nutrition offers a wide portfolio of proven solutions for your on-farm feed preservation and hygiene needs. Clean, high-quality feed with a low amount of spoilage bacteria supports animal health and welfare, increases yields, reduces feed losses, and allows for efficient farm management, letting you focus on creating value for your farm. Together, let’s make sure you get the best return on your investments.

Succeed in ensiling and preservation.

Preserving on-farm feedstuffs is critical for highly productive and cost-effective milk and meat production. Finding the right products and a reliable supplier to help you succeed is of utmost importance. Eastman’s range of feed preservatives and silage additives provides reliable preservation solutions for a variety of forage plants, harvesting conditions, and harvesting methods. The effectiveness of our products is based on organic acids that naturally occur in living cells. You can trust us for reliable ensiling and preservation solutions because all our products have been widely studied and tested in independent research institutes, providing proven evidence of product efficacy.

Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions. Product labeling and associated claims may differ based on government requirements.