Eastman transitions from associate member to full FAMI-QS member

In acknowledgement of Eastman animal nutrition’s commitment to quality and safety, the company recently transitioned its membership status to full FAMI-QS member.

FAMI-QS has been a globally recognized organization evaluating quality and safety for specialty animal feed ingredients since 2004. The FAMI-QS code serves as a governing system for feed safety, quality and regulation, and the certification serves as proof of competency to governments, supply chains and customers.

Eastman has been an associate member since 2007 and has 12 global entities certified by FAMI-QS, so the full membership was a natural next step.

“Becoming a full member is historical for Eastman,” said Paul Burger, Eastman quality assurance representative. “We’ve been connected to FAMI-QS for years, and becoming a full member symbolizes our further commitment to improving life for a better future. I’m looking forward to our team’s new leadership role and relationship with other full FAMI-QS members across the globe."

FAMI-QS full members must manufacture or trade specialty feed ingredients. Full membership recognizes Eastman as a feed producing and trading company in the animal nutrition market, and it affords access to the FAMI-QS strategy and experts.

“Our full FAMI-QS membership represents our continual commitment to high standards,” said Christoph Sikora, Eastman’s commercial director for animal nutrition. “We strive each day to bring the highest quality specialty feed ingredients to our customers, and our full membership will allow us to work further toward our goals with the expertise of and collaboration with FAMI-QS experts.”

FAMI-QS membership