​​​​​​​Advantages of Eastman AQ™ polymers in adhesives​

Adhesive formulators need additives that will strengthen their products, enhance their reactive properties in varied conditions, and improve the formulation process. Eastman AQ polymers can fill these needs and more.

Hot-melt adhesives bond wood, paper, plastic, textiles, and other materials. These applications call for high bond strength to hold up during transportation and storage. In addition, the melting point, wetting time, initial tack, and general handling characteristics on machinery must be considered.

AQ polymers work as an effective film former to meet these conditions. Eastman’s branched and linear sulfopolyesters offer numerous benefits in hot melt and aqueous formulations:

  • Completely water dispersible
  • Repulpable under neutral and alkaline conditions
  • Easily formulated with polar tackifiers, waxes, and plasticizers
  • Wide range of melt viscosities

In response to a need for water-dispersible and repulpable hot-melt adhesives, Eastman developed a family of water-dispersible branched and linear sulfopolyesters for use in hot-melt and aqueous repulpable formulations.  

Key benefits of Eastman AQ polymers for adhesives 

  • 100% water dispersible and enable recyclability
  • Repulpable under neutral and alkaline conditions 
  • Easily formulated with a variety of polar tackifiers, waxes, and plasticizers to meet customer needs 
  • Wide range of melt viscosities 
  • Regulated by FDA 21 CFR 175.105 for use in food-packaging adhesives 
  • TSCA and MITI approved 
  • Does not irritate skin 
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