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Eastman Tetrashield protective resin systems leveraged for aluminized food can coatings

The challenge

Coconut milk is a staple in dishes around the world and a great source of nutrients, but there’s one thing that really messes with this food staple—a bad can coating. Fortunately, Eastman Tetrashield protective resin systems keep cans food safe.

A coatings formulator needed a new inner can-coating resin for aluminum cans of coconut milk because its previous resin supplier had experienced logistics concerns and shipment delays. The new resin had to meet several performance requirements.

The can coating had to feature hardness and scratch resistance with no blushing or peel-off, and it would need to pass a six-month pack test. Additionally, the resin would need to be BPA-NI, meaning no BPA was intentionally added. The resin would also have to be cost-competitive.

The solution

Tetrashield MP2104 protective resin system passed all the quality conditions required by the coatings formulator. With high solids, improved retort resistance, and broad chemical resistance, formulations featuring Tetrashield have superior performance results in interior food-contact metal packaging.

While the formulator was happy with Tetrashield’s performance, what really won them over was Eastman’s commitment to the customer. In addition to Eastman’s global reputation, the company offers localized support and supply from a cross-functional team of experts. Eastman can provide customized formulation development and optimization as well as forecast material availability in the formulator’s region with local suppliers.

Eastman’s technical team developed guideline formulations based on the formulator’s application process and then successfully combined the needs of the can manufacturer with those of the coatings formulator to deliver a win-win solution.

The impact

Through Eastman’s proactive communication and continuous engagement, the formulator provided the coconut milk can manufacturer with a high-performing coating. Working closely with Eastman for a tailored product and a great customer relationship exceeded their expectations.

The formulator noted that Eastman’s innovation goals were a great part of the partnership. In addition to helping customers meet regulator needs, Eastman researches and invests in technology to offer the best solutions.

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