Eastman solvents

Eastman solvents can help meet new environmental standards for potable water linings.

Changing tides

NSF 600 is a new standard that went into effect on January 1, 2023. The standard limits how much xylene, ethylbenzene and toluene can be used in coating systems that make contact with potable water.

NSF 600 reduces the allowable extractable levels of xylene to less than 0.09 mg/L, ethylbenzene to less than 0.14 mg/L and toluene to less than 0.06 mg/L in all coating formulations within potable water structures and components.

These restrictions will limit the use of many coating and lining products currently available in the market, which may require manufacturers to develop solutions that meet the new extraction criteria.

A range of safe options

Eastman has a robust portfolio of solvents that are not only NSF 600-compliant but also offer the same or improved performance as your current formulations. Hazardous air pollutant-free (HAP-free) solvents such as butyl acetate, n-propyl propionate and MAK feature evaporation rates that mimic hydrocarbons without the hazard concerns, making them an ideal solution for potable water coatings.

Navigating uncharted waters

Need to reformulate? Eastman can help you find alternative materials for coating formulations using these key steps:

  • Evaluation of replacement solvent options
  • Solvent reformulation calculations
  • Reliable supply after qualification

Eastman’s solvent reformulation tool alleviates some of the burdens of reformulation. It can be used to find HAP-free solvents to replace xylene, toluene and other hydrocarbons. It can also provide the evaporation rate and solvent parameters needed in a formulation.

A helping hand

All Eastman products come with the support and guidance from a team of technical experts. Industry specialists are readily available to offer advice and answer questions that may arise as coating manufacturers fine-tune their formulations.

“We know that maintaining regulatory compliance is a key part of our customers’ business strategies,” said Eastman Technical Service Representative James Horne. “Our main goal is to ensure our solutions provide that compliance without compromising performance.”

To contact Eastman’s experts or request a sample of one of our solvents, complete the contact form.

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