Processing advantages—every step of the way

Eastman has acquired vast expertise in material technology during more than 80 years in the eyewear industry. Whether you are injection molding or extruding sheet, Eastman has the specialized knowledge to get you the best results from any of our materials.

Injection molding

Today, injection molding is one of the most commonly used processes to produce fast-fashion eyewear. Eastman partners with frame and lens manufacturers from all around the world to create reliable products that enable robust processing to support ever-changing trends and styles.

  • Eastman Tritan Renew copolyester is widely used for injection-molded frames and lenses, and Eastman continually works with customers to refine processing guidelines to help make injection molding Tritan as simple and successful as possible.

  • Eastman’s Tenite Renew cellulosics have long been known for their advantages in extruded-sheet applications, but now there are ways to enjoy the benefits of Tenite across a broader set of injection-molded frame applications. Excellent flow properties allow for smaller gates, better gate aesthetics, and the ability to mold thicker parts.


  • Tenite is known to have excellent melt strength, which allows ease of extrusion and customization—typically improving processability and chemical resistance. It can be processed at 20% lower temperatures and dries in 25% less time compared with other polymers.

  • Tritan provides extruders with excellent toughness, clarity, chemical resistance, dimensional stability, low and stable shrinkage rates, and other properties. Versions of Tritan are available with various additive packages such as UV and color.

Working with Eastman

  • Eastman is dedicated to providing eyewear manufacturers and designers with a wide range of materials and technology to help fulfill their vision and keep pace with rapidly changing market needs.

  • By providing a total-solutions capability, Eastman can focus on customer needs first then match a polymer and provide technical, design, and marketing support to help ensure success with either extrusion or injection molded processes.

  • Eastman provides primary and secondary processing support as well as design reviews, product testing, and even marketing support. Eastman provides strong market access and knowledge throughout the value chain.
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