The brightest brand equity starts with the right materials.

Toothbrushes are something that most people use twice a day and hardly think about—until they disappoint. The truth is, not all toothbrushes are the same. Manual toothbrushes have been around for thousands of years, but innovation in the market continues.

Brands and manufacturers are constantly challenged by consumers and retailers alike to come up with the next innovation. Consumers want toothbrushes that are durable, affordable, ergonomic, and effective. Retailers clamor for product line extensions and attractive products that fly off the shelves. To meet all these demands, the key is to start with the most capable materials.

At Eastman, we leverage material expertise and extraordinary market insight to manufacture the specialty plastics that meet market demands for chemical resistance to mouthwashes and toothpastes that contain mint oils, as well as clarity, durability, flexibility, and processing ease. With the broadest range of resins in our portfolio, we offer product designers a regiment of polymers that work together and address precise processing needs. Specifically for the toothbrush market, our BPA-free solutions include:

Eastar™ copolyesters—A gleaming success

Offers a unique combination of properties that gives oral care brand owners and manufacturers what they need to successfully compete in today’s marketplace.

  • Exceptional clarity and high gloss
  • Works in clear, partially clear, and opaque brush handles
  • High durability gives confidence in passing industry flexural and impact tests
  • Excellent resistance to harsh oils found in toothpaste and mouthwash
  • Exceptional ease of processing to maximize manufacturing economics
  • Free of materials of concern, including BPA and BPS
  • Free of plasticizers.

Tenite™ cellulosics—A natural smile

Derived from renewable wood cellulose, Tenite has a history of superior performance in oral care applications, exhibiting an excellent balance of properties.

  • Provides beginning-of-life sustainability attributes without sacrificing toothbrush aesthetics
  • Contains similar clarity of an Eastar resin with ≥40% renewable content
  • Works in clear, partially clear, and opaque brush handles
  • Pleasing haptics, including warm-to-the-touch feeling
  • Processes with ease
  • Free of materials of concern, including BPA and BPS

Eastman Trēva™ engineering bioplastic—Naturally better

Trēva™ is a plasticizer-free, cellulose-based plastic that offers higher performance and lower environmental impact to satisfy the most sustainability-conscious consumers.

  • Contains the highest level of biocontent available in the brush handle market today at ≥42%
  • Excellent flow characteristics make it ideal for intricate and thin handles
  • Durability and chemical resistance ideal for passing the oral care industry’s fitness-for-use standards
  • Free of materials of concern, including BPA and BPS
  • Free of plasticizers
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