Product description

Cedroz™ is an innovative new post-planting, terpene-based nematicide for the control of root-knot nematodes in fruit and vegetables. The product is a copy of a natural plant defense mechanism and hence nature identical. The two active compounds, thymol and geraniol, together have a synergistic mode of action that increases their efficacy in treated soil. Cedroz shows effective performance against root-knot nematodes, resulting in high-quality products and high yields.

Mode of action
Thymol and geraniol act against nematodes via diverse mechanisms. Thanks to their lipophilic nature, the primary mode of action of thymol and geraniol is to accumulate in cell membranes, causing loss of integrity of the membranes due to a change in composition of fatty acids and phospholipids with consequent lysis, release of cellular substances, and ultimately death of the cell.

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