Selected Synthesis Capabilities

Eastman has a long history doing complex organic chemistry and a proven track record of product development and scale-up.

The following are typical processes that are available:
• Acetoacetylation• Etherification
• Acetylation• Friedel-Crafts Reactions
• Acid Chlorides• Hydrogenation
• Acylation• Imidizations
• Aldol Condensation• HF Reactions (reagent only)
• Alkylation• Knoevenagels
• Bromination• Malonic Ester Synthesis
• Chlorination• Nitrations
• Chlorosulfonation• Oxidation
• Claisen Condensation• Quaternization
• Dehalogenation• Reductions
• Diazotization• Saponification
• Eliminations• Sulfonation
• Esterification• Vilsmeier Reactions
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