Growing up, Lizz Michael-Sapia knew she wanted to make an impact on the world. Being good at math and science put her on a path toward earning advanced degrees in chemistry and materials science. As she began her professional career, she was looking to apply all that she learned toward real-world problem solving. She found that opportunity at Eastman.

“Every day is completely different. It’s a lot of fun. My team and I are bringing new life to technologies, finding new markets and developing new applications. I love being a part of that,” she explains.

Lizz Michael-Sapia
Lizz is also making the impact on the world she imagined as a child. Lizz and her team of scientists, engineers and technologists are focused on solving the world’s plastic waste problem. Their passion and drive in applying Eastman’s long history of technical expertise in chemical processes and polymer science are already delivering results towards conquering a complex global issue.

Like Eastman team members all over the world, their work is focused on taking today’s materials and forging a better world for tomorrow to improve the quality of life in a material way.

Innovation. Then. Now. Next.

Examples of Lizz’s journey to Eastman can be found all over the world at our manufacturing, technology and business locations. Their stories make Eastman Chair and CEO Mark Costa excited and optimistic about the company’s future. With world-class talent and sustainable technologies like advanced circular recycling and cellulose esters, Eastman is well-positioned to solve the challenges driven by global macro trends. Combining world-class technologies, relentless market engagement, and differentiated application development, Eastman’s future – much like its rich 100-year history – will be defined by innovations discovered and enhanced by the Eastman team.

“Today, more than ever, the world needs innovation, and we are excited about the possibilities we can achieve by working along the value chain, across industry sectors and with the community partners to expand our efforts and make the greatest collective impact,” Mark explains.

Mark Costa quote

Eastman innovation is supported by a culture that is built on teamwork and collaboration and embraces honesty, integrity, safety, wellness, sustainability, and inclusion and diversity. Engaging a fully diverse workforce brings forth the insights and ideas from which we can create the best results to tackle today’s challenges and create tomorrow’s solutions. “We are growing a powerfully diverse workforce with increasingly diverse talents, perspectives and experiences that bring the best ideas to the table. At the same time, we are fostering inclusion that inspires innovation, encourages respect, and enables contributions at the highest level.”

“All voices truly do matter”

NaNeeshia Barnes’s dad knew of Eastman’s reputation as a world-class employer. He encouraged her to spend a summer at Eastman as an intern while she was studying supply chain at the University of Tennesssee. As NaNeeshia evaluated her options, Eastman’s culture made it stand out from other firms competing for her talents.

“You’re able to learn something and do something new every day. The fact that leaders and teams encourage one another was very appealing,” NaNeeshia says. In her job as an integrated planner and scheduler, NaNeeshia feels empowered to make important decisions every day that impact the success of the business. She enjoys the collaboration across teams that leads to the best outcomes for Eastman.

“All voices truly do matter, regardless of your role or place in the company.”

Positioned for the next 100 years

Eastman team members like Lizz and NaNesshia form the backbone of a workforce that is poised to carry Eastman for its next 100 years. A few years into their careers at Eastman, they are excited about the company’s future and their role in it.

“It’s awesome that you can have a million careers while you’re here. Everywhere, you find examples of people who have experience in manufacturing, technology or marketing. There’s always an opportunity to do something different and exciting,” Lizz says.

NaNeeshia Barnes
The work of Lizz, NaNeeshia and the thousands of Eastman team members all over the world supports Eastman’s vision of becoming the world-leading Material Innovation Company. Behind that vision is a singular purpose: to enhance the quality of life in a material way.

Fulfilling that purpose isn’t limited to the products and solutions we create; it also manifests in the investments we make to maximize opportunities for the next generation of creators, problem solvers and difference makers; in the partnerships we create to conserve and protect our global ecosystem; and in the strides we make to contribute to healthy and sustainable economic and community growth. Eastman leaders like Mark recognize how daunting those ambitions are while also being confident in the abilities of Eastman people to achieve them.

“We are a company of problem solvers. And right now, our people are tackling the biggest problems we’ve ever faced – problems that face us all. Our goal is to transform tomorrow by revolutionizing the materials that shape it today,” he says.