The companies gave a joint speech on boosting the insoluble sulfur industry at the CRIA Tire Branch Membership Conference.


Eastman and Double Coin Tires (DC) presented the benefits of Eastman's next-generation insoluble sulfur — Eastman Crystex Cure Pro — during a joint speech at the China Rubber Industry Association (CRIA) Tire Branch Membership Conference on Sep. 15. Around 200 professionals from tire-related enterprises gathered at the conference to discuss the latest industry technologies and market status.

Eastman Crystex Cure Pro insoluble sulfur, the newest addition to the Crystex product line, has multiple unique features that enable substantial tire quality and operational cost savings. With faster dispersion, enhanced thermal stability and superior flow, Cure Pro has attributes that set it apart from all other rubber vulcanization agents.

"We were most impressed by the enhanced thermal stability and improved dispersion of Cure Pro compared with HD OT 20, as proved via high thermal stability (HTS) testing results," said Jiang Qi, vice director of DC's research center, who spoke about the application research report on Cure Pro. "After years of research, we have successfully developed our own HTS measurement technique which is efficient with less manual dependence compared with the conventional measurement technique."

As strategic partners, Eastman and DC are committed to continuously investing in innovative solutions. When Eastman launched Cure Pro, DC quickly recognized the step improvements Cure Pro enables and adopted the groundbreaking insoluble sulfur.

"DC was the first tire company to visit the newly built Eastman tire additives Shanghai lab," said Dr. Steven Gao, Eastman's Asia-Pacific application development and technical service group leader for tire additives, who spoke with Jiang Qi. "The new lab was opened in 2019, equipped with analytical, rubber compounding, and rubber testing equipment and providing the same state-of-the-art service as Eastman's world-renowned tire technology center in Akron, Ohio."

"These facilities, along with manufacturing centers in every region, help us be close to the customer while providing global security of supply," said San Sutanto, Eastman's Asia-Pacific sales director for tire additives. "We are also very proud that Eastman was recognized as Supplier of the Year at the 2020 Tire Technology Expo Awards for Innovation and Excellence. Eastman will continue to relentlessly focus on innovation for and cooperation with customers."

DC has the longest tire-making history in China and is well-known for its Truck and Bus Radial (TBR) tire.

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