In collaboration with Eastman and WWP Beauty, onTop brings its innovative Renewal Oil Cream with molecular-recycled packaging to Chinese consumers.

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onTop cosmetics has launched its Renewal Oil Cream, the first of its four core facial cream products to feature packaging made from Eastman Cristal™ Renew copolyester with 50% certified recycled content.* onTop cosmetics is the first Chinese beauty brand to use Cristal Renew, a sustainable resin powered by Eastman's molecular recycling technologies. This industry-leading skin care packaging is the result of the close collaboration between onTop's value chain partners — WWP Beauty and molecular recycling pioneer Eastman.

"onTop strives for light packaging, which is part of the attitude toward sustainability," said Emma Ni, onTop CEO. "We actively seek out light, beautiful and eco-friendly solutions for formulas and packaging. Based on this mission, we chose to make sustainable packaging out of Eastman Cristal Renew for our newly launched cream product. Our efforts, however small, are aimed at reducing consumption and environmental impact and finally making the earth 'lighter.'"

onTop worked with WWP Beauty to develop the primary packaging for version 2.0 of their Renewal Oil Cream, recognized by Mintel as an "Innovative Product" in January 2022. Mintel cites the product's oil-cream texture that enables the addition of lipids such as ceramide 2, phytosterols and fatty acids to nourish skin. The formulation also utilizes Topnatrol, a patented emulsifying technology based on natural active ingredients rather than synthetic emulsifiers.

For the onTop Renewal Oil Cream, WWP Beauty saw an opportunity to design packaging as innovative as the product inside. They were looking for sustainable packaging that would take their skin care product to the next level. Eastman's Cristal Renew, made with molecular recycling technology that uses plastic waste as feedstock instead of fossil resources, fit the bill. These technologies break down plastic waste to its fundamental building blocks and use them to create new, high-performance materials. As a result, Cristal Renew offers brands the same level of performance and design freedom they have come to expect from Eastman's resins for luxury cosmetic packaging. It also delivers significant environmental benefits, including landfill diversion and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

For WWP Beauty, the collaboration with Eastman and onTop provided a platform to demonstrate how they can help their customers harness the latest material innovations to elevate the sustainability of their products.

"Working with customers to create a space where we can bring sustainable, innovative beauty products to customers on a global scale is at the heart of what we do," said WWP CEO Jennifer Adams. "This collaboration with onTop and Eastman is a landmark step for WWP Beauty in our journey to advance sustainability in the beauty industry."

The recycled content in Eastman Renew products carries International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC Plus), providing brands with the transparency and trustworthiness that come from independent, third-party verification of recycled content claims.

"We are excited to be part of this product launch with onTop and WWP Beauty and thrilled to see how Cristal Renew is enhancing the sustainability of such an innovative product," said Tara Cary, cosmetics and personal care packaging market manager for Eastman. "In introducing their Renewal Oil Cream to the market, onTop is leading the industry in sustainability for Chinese consumers."

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*The recycled content is achieved by allocating the recycled waste plastic to Cristal Renew using a mass balance process certified by ISCC.

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As a new, clean beauty pioneer, onTop launched its first skin care product line in 2021, enabling consumers to discover TOP true beauty with a new angle: LESS FOR MORE. Instead of asking more and adding more, being brave to reduce is the new power. The brand redefines "Clean + Beauty" by developing innovative formulas and packaging to make sure the products are safe to use, easy to absorb and a joy to the skin. onTop sets up a higher standard than the industry average and follows a list of "Say No List" ingredients to safeguard product safety and environmental protection.

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WWP Beauty is committed to developing future-focused, sustainable solutions for the global beauty industry through close collaboration, exceptional agility, and unparalleled scale. The company's full-service offering of formula, packaging, and accessories, paired with their in-house manufacturing capabilities allow them to stand out as the source for everything beauty. Through a worldwide team of beauty experts that spans across North America, EMEA, and APAC, WWP Beauty offers its customers global support at the local level. To learn more, visit our website at

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