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Proven traceability helps verify a product’s sustainable story and Naia™ is all about sustainability. Using advanced digital technologies and supply chain modeling, TextileGenesis™ traces every phase of making a garment, citing farm and factory locations and every process used to get a product from point of origin to final retail destination. The partnership with TextileGenesis™ to use blockchain technology will identify and track the path Naia™ takes from its raw materials to the final garment.

Here’s how it works

The pioneering TextileGenesis™ system engages all tiers of a supplier’s ecosystem to create unprecedented traceability based on five key principles:

  1. Verifying the point of origin by digitizing any textile asset (e.g., fiber, filament, yarn, fabric, garment) to ensure there is no double counting

  2. Capturing real-time shipment transactions across supply tiers

  3. Value chain modeling using augmented intelligence to gain insight into complex textile value chains along with wastage and loss factors

  4. Creating a cross-industry ecosystem by working with organizations, exchanges, established protocols, and sustainable fiber producers—applying premier environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards

  5. Supporting independent, third-party verification, including those that perform forensic fiber audits and verify the ESG credentials of suppliers
The TextileGenesis platform captures shipments across four to five supply tiers, from
sustainable fiber origin to retail, i.e., a fiber forward approach to traceability, not garment backward.

“Traceability in the textiles supply chain is a crucial step for a more transparent industry overall,” said Claudia de Witte, sustainability leader, Eastman Textile Fibers. “Joining the TextileGenesis platform is an exciting addition to our existing Naia™ verification program. By collaborating with fellow innovators, we are delivering on our 2022 sustainability goal to enable advanced technology and information solutions for tracking and tracing our materials.”

The TextileGenesis partnership demonstrates Eastman’s commitment to partner with industry leaders to implement systematic changes that help ensure that sustainable textiles are accessible to all. It also allows Naia™ to achieve another sustainability goal.