Eastman Solus™ performance additives help toy manufacturer overcome compliance concern

The challenge

Regulatory concerns threatened to force a toy manufacturer out of the European Union (EU) market. Its toys were coated with a thermoplastic acrylic substance containing nitrocellulose. The EU Toy Safety Directive limits how toys are made, including the presence of potentially hazardous materials and their flammability. Under these rules, nitrocellulose’s flammability and difficulty of use make it a material of concern. Without a compliant coating, the company would have been barred from selling its toys in the EU.

The Eastman solution

Eastman Solus™ performance additives offer a safer, naturally derived alternative to nitrocellulose. The nonflammable nature of Solus™ allows manufacturers to reduce fire hazards in the workplace and bring peace of mind to consumers. Solus™ additives are also versatile and easy to handle, allowing them to be used for coatings on wood, plastic, and metal toy parts and accessories. And because Solus does not contain any materials of concern, such as nitrocellulose, it enables formulators to make compliant toy coatings.

The result

Solus™ was leveraged in a co-resin/isocyanate coating system that met EU regulations, allowing the manufacturer’s toys to remain on the market. Additionally, the formulator found that the coatings powered by Solus™ demonstrated superior performance than the previous formula. The anti-blocking and fast-drying properties of Solus™ allowed for improved efficiency, and its adaptability allowed for viscosity adjustments to optimize surface properties.

Solus™ is backed by Eastman experts who leveraged their market and regulatory knowledge to offer the customer powerful insights. Eastman’s input allowed the manufacturer and formulators to achieve compliance without compromise.

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