Eastman Solus™ 5250 performance additive


  • Building materials
  • Wood coatings

Product description

Eastman Solus™ 5250 performance additive is designed to provide high-performance for wood coatings. This cellulose ester enables excellent surface hardness, high film strength and a combination of solubility and compatibility. Further, this product is well-suited for wood coatings due to its excellent weathering properties, resistance to moisture, good adhesion to metallic surfaces, and UV light stability and non-yellowing. These features are enabled in part by the high viscosity (as measured using the ASTM(A) method) and medium butyryl content of Solus™ 5250. When dissolved in appropriate solvents, a clear colorless solution is produced. Solus™ 5250 is supplied as a dry, free-flowing powder, offering formulation convenience, ease of handling and maximum formulating flexibility. </br></br></br> Eastman Solus™ 5250 is based on cellulose, one of the most abundant natural renewable resources.</br></br></br> For applications that require food contact compliance, please refer to Eastman Solus™ 5250 performance, food contact and discuss requirements with your Eastman technical expert.

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