Strong and steady wins the race to greater yields.

Adjust™ SL plant growth regulator is a chlormequat chloride formulation. Chlormequat chloride is an active ingredient used successfully for many years in Europe and Canada with multiple proven grower and plant benefits.

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Wide application window

Adjust SL is a plant growth regulator labeled for wheat, barley, oats, and triticale in the U.S. Adjust SL’s wide application window, in combination with the flexibility to modify dose rates, lets growers customize their PGR strategy in often-unpredictable environmental conditions.

The wide application window of Adjust SL provides multiple grower benefits
Wide application window

Under normal circumstances (good quality soil, favorable weather, forward crop, lodging resistant variety, etc.), the optimal timing to use Adjust SL is Feekes 4‒6 (Zadoks 30‒32). However, growing conditions are rarely close to ideal. To navigate the unknowns and to protect your crop and investments, Adjust SL is a flexible choice. It provides growers the option to apply not only one full dose but to customize dosages as needed across early and late growth stages. Even when facing a lot of ground to cover or a need to spray multiple products, Adjust SL’s broad application window allows growers to reach the ultimate goal of maximizing their crop’s potential.

To get the most out of Adjust SL, contact us or your local advisor to determine the best possible application for your specific situation.

Low-temperature application

Chlormequat chloride has a slow onset of actions, allowing the manipulation of rooting and tillering, which are largely determined during cool, early growth periods.

Adjust SL’s unique formulation enables plants to respond under conditions as low as 34°F, making it the ideal PGR for colder days and when temperatures drop at night. Adjust SL is the ultimate tool in cereal PGR management, working effectively on the crop in different weather conditions and across early and late growth stages.

Lodging risk reduction

The art of cereal production lies in the complex crop management to balance fertilizer applications and seeding rates while working with cereal varieties that have different levels of lodging susceptibility under unique scenarios. The complexity is further dependent on unpredictable weather. Adjust SL can reduce some of the risk in the complex decision-making to grow firm-standing, healthy crops to maximize the field potential.

A healthy crop with a strong stand:

  • Improves water and nutrient uptake
  • Improves pollination
  • Improves light interception
  • Reduces risk of disease
  • Improves quality and yield
  • Saves time and money during harvest

To ensure a crop is healthy, growers invest significantly in crop protection products such as herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and nitrogen. Lodging is a common limiting factor in maximizing high-quality yields from increased nitrogen management.

Flat, lodged crops equal greater costs due to:

  • Reduced benefits on investments in overall agricultural input
  • Decreased yield potential
  • Decreased output quality (price premium)
  • Reduced harvest efficiency
  • Decreased harvesting speed
  • Increased fuel cost
  • Increased combine wear
  • Increased labor cost
  • Increased drying cost

Adjust SL is a proven tool to prevent lodging in wheat, barley, oats, and triticale. And even in the absence of lodging, PGRs can help maximize yield and harvest efficiencies compared to untreated crops. Due to the quality of the airflow, upright crops create the conditions for optimized pollination and reduction of fungal disease.

Harvest efficiency

Crops treated with plant growth regulators stand strong, steady, and of even height, making them easier to harvest and improving harvest efficiency. By enabling combines to harvest faster, the overall cost per acre decreases.

Combine speed* Acres per hour* Cost per acre**
3.5 mph11.88
~ $50
4.0 mph13.57~ $43.77
4.5 mph15.27~ $38.90
5.0 mph16.97
~ $35

*Estimates are based on header width 35 ft and 80% field efficiency, including, e.g., turning and unloading.
**Based on assumption of $35 per acre cost (fuel and maintenance) at 5 mph (16.97 acre per hour).

Adjust treated vs untreated

Strong, upright stems of even height are apparent on crops treated with a plant growth
regulator; in contrast, the taller, weaker, untreated crop has suffered lodging.

Yield maximization

The complexities of maximizing yields in high-quality cereals are countless. The pressure is even higher when a grower has contracts for high-quality milling or malting grain. Growers can choose a promising cereal variety and the level of nitrogen management. However, rain, wind, hail, topography, soil fertility, and other conditions are more difficult to influence.

In an industry with as many variables and unknowns as agriculture, growers can reduce some of the risk by using a plant growth regulator (PGR). Adjust SL plant growth regulator has a wide application window that gives growers flexibility when making complex decisions to maximize yield potential. Adjust SL is based on a formulation containing chlormequat chloride (CCC), an ingredient that increases chlorophyll formation and can result in more heads per acre, contributing to greater crop yield. In small plot trials conducted by Eastman in collaboration with university and private cooperators, cereal grains treated with Adjust SL saw an average of 6.6% yield increase or 6.0 bu/a compared to the control in various applications.

Small plot trial results, 2018–2020
Locations: Calif., Ind., Kan., Mich., N.D., Ore.
Number of trials: 29
  Single application Split application
Dosage25 fl oz/a
2 x 12.5 fl oz/a
TimingFeekes 4–7 (Zadoks 30–32)Feekes 4–7 & 8–9 (Zadoks 30–32 and 37–39)

Replicated small plot research trials result in +6.6% (+6.0 bu/a) average yield increase compared to control.

Maximized yield potential
Plant height
Maximized yield potential
Yield potential legend

By reducing the risk of lodging in wheat, barley, oats, and triticale, Adjust SL helps ensure that all other agricultural inputs and nutrient investments are protected and perform at full potential to grow healthy, high-yielding crops.

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Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions. Product labeling and associated claims may differ based on government requirements.
Pending EPA registration, Adjust SL is not yet registered for sale or use in the U.S.