Eastman EastaPure™ electronic chemicals

Ultra-pure solvents, ketones and acids for the electronics industry

Electronic devices have become a ubiquitous part of our daily lives. Cell phones, laptops, and smart devices including our houses and cars are changing the way we live, work, and interact with each other.

As these devices become more powerful and sophisticated, the manufacturing requirements have become even more stringent. Where once particle contaminants were measured in the parts per million range, we now take parts per billion for granted and are actively working in the parts per trillion and even parts per quadrillion range.

Manufacturing products that can meet the quality standards of today and tomorrow is a challenging task. That’s why you need the backing of a company that has been making solvents for nearly 100 years. Our dedicated team of specialists is ready to respond to your needs with the highest quality products, expert materials handling, responsive customer service, reliable logistics, and world class sample analysis.

Whether you need off-the-shelf solvents for manufacturing semiconductors, flat panel displays, or photovoltaics or are looking for custom solvent solutions to product development challenges, turn to the experts at Eastman for help.