Simply put, shrink sells. Embrace solutions optimize shrink labels, empowering designers to create more innovative, engaging, and attractive packaging to—promote brand image, increase sales, and encourage brand loyalty.

Embrace films offer:

  • 360-degree graphic space for eye-catching designs—increasing shelf visibility

  • Exceptional clarity—Eastman Embrace, Embrace LV, and Embrace Encore copolyesters help create clear shrink label designs that highlight contents as well as enhance graphic designs.

  • UV and visible light protection—opaque Embrace HY offers the ability to block more light with less ink.

  • Excellent printability—all Embrace films empower designers to create bold graphics to better entice consumers.

  • High shrink rate—Embrace films flush beautifully against complex, contoured bottles.

  • Optimized shrink force eliminates damaged or crushed containers during application.

  • PETE recycle stream compatibility

  • A global supply chain—with state-of-the-art manufacturing and support, brands can be confident in having the high-quality shrink films they need when they need them.