Marlotherm™ heat transfer fluids
Marlotherm™ heat transfer fluids

Marlotherm heat transfer fluids

Experience you can trust

Marlotherm™ heat transfer fluids are well established and have a strong heritage, with 50 years of history in the industry. Building on Eastman’s already extensive chemistry expertise, Marlotherm brings additional products and insight to our existing heat transfer fluid product offerings. Our years of experience and expanded product portfolio allow us to provide clients with expert guidance for their heat transfer fluid needs and continue delivering superior value.

Support you can rely on

Eastman offers a wide range of heat transfer fluids as solutions for countless system applications. With our process development laboratories, we can help identify the most appropriate product to meet your demands—whether simple or complex. With our ongoing commitment to high quality and reliable manufacturing operations, proven supply chain and distribution experience, and world-class product technical support, we are a trusted partner for our most valuable asset—our clients.

Products for your application

Marlotherm heat transfer fluids are designed for indirect cooling and heating of production, conversion processes, and energy recovery. They ensure dependable operation for a wide variety of system applications.

Marlotherm fluids are available in multiple products formulated specifically for pressurized and nonpressurized systems. They can help support safe operations, lower capital costs, and reduce maintenance costs.

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Marlotherm LH Heat Transfer Fluid 
Marlotherm LH heat transfer fluid is a high-performance synthetic organic heat transfer medium for use in the liquid phase in closed and forced-circulation heat transfer systems.

Marlotherm N Heat Transfer Fluid 
Marlotherm N is an inexpensive synthetic organic heat transfer fluid for use in the liquid phase in closed, nonpressurized, forced-circulation heat transfer systems and can be used instead of mineral oils.

Marlotherm SH Heat Transfer Fluid 
Marlotherm SH is a high-performance synthetic organic heat transfer medium for use in the liquid phase in closed and forced circulation heat-transfer systems.

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