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Topping the BPA-free options for infant care

Specifying Eastman Tritan™ EX401 or EX501 also provides the flexibility of conversion techniques and the reassurance of a unique biocompatibility assessment. (See the table for a comparison of properties.)

They grow so fast when they’re young!

Although Tritan was not introduced to the infant care market until late 2008, it has displaced polycarbonate in a wide range of applications. EX401 and EX501 create even greater value for products that must be sensitive to the rapidly growing concerns of regulation and consumer confidence.

Property comparison of infant care materials for bottles

Property Tritan EX401 and EX501            Polyethersulfone (PES) Clarified polypropylene (cPP) Transparent polyamide (tPA) Glass Polycarbonate (PC)
BPA No No No No No Yes
care specific
Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Clarity Excellent Good Fair Good Excellent Excellent
Color Excellent Poor Good Good Excellent Excellent
(impact/shatter resistant)
Excellent Good Good Poor Shatter risk Excellent
Dishwasher durability Excellent Fair Fair Fair Excellent Fair
Processability/ efficiencyGood process windowGood process windowGood process windowFair process windowNAGood process window
Costa Cost Cost Cost Cost Cost Cost
Weightb Weight Weight Weight Weight Weight Weight
Biocompatibility certification for infant care Yes NANANANANA
Taste/odor Excellent Not tested Good Not tested Excellent Excellent
No No Yes Yes Excellent Excellent Very Good Very Good Good Good Fair Fair Poor Poor

aTaking into account not only material cost but also total weight (minimum thickness) and cycle time
bTaking into account not only density but also total weight (minimum thickness)

For more information about how this exciting infant-care-specific resin can add value to your products, visit eastman.com/tritan or call 1-888-321-1021.

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