​​​​​​Opportunity is calling for smartphone cases and accessories

Average smartphone users reach for their phones up to 150 times each day*—with the potential for hours of device-to-skin exposure. To meet this reality, companies are responding with designs and materials that create durable electronics with extra longevity and sustainable value.

Brand owners also see the opportunity to appeal to consumer’ preference for sustainably-sourced products—in particular, how differentiating products based on sustainability can leverage a growing market and new sources of brand loyalty.

Eastman specialty plastics offer distinctive ways for companies to take advantage of these opportunities.

Eastman Tritan™ copolyester answers the call for durability.

  • Proven strength and toughness
    • Resistance to impact stress and physical fatigue
    • Proven cold impact strength
    • Dimensional stability to maintain a tight fit 
    • Best-in-class chemical resistance
    • Resistant to skin oils, lotions, and food products
    • Helps retain durability after chemical exposure
    • Helps fight environmental stress cracking (ESC)
  • Prop 65–compliant plastic
    • Skin-safe Tritan is BPA and BPS free
    • Tritan is made without bisphenols, styrenics, halogens, or the 850+ other materials listed as chemicals of concern in California Proposition 65
    • Can help avoid disruptive labeling required for products that contain these materials.** 
  • Outstanding aesthetics
    • Stable clarity and color
    • Excellent tintability and gloss 
  • Advantaged processability
    • Well-suited to thin-walled products –
    • Excellent for many secondary operations

* Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers. Source: Tomi Ahoren Almanac 2013.

** E Watson, "Amended Prop 65 regulations likely to prompt a significant uptick in litigation, predict attorneys" Food Navigator-USA.com website, 31 August 2018.

Eastman Trēva™ engineering bioplastic answers a higher call.

Recent surveys show that consumers prefer purchasing sustainably sourced plastics. In fact,—75% said they would pay more for devices made with sustainable materials.*** Most identified bioplastics as the preferred material.

Trēva is a cellulose-based bioplastic that lets companies offer both high performance and an environmental message. In addition to sharing many of the advantages of Tritan, Trēva provides a combination of properties that is unmatched by other thermoplastics, bioplastics, or cellulosics.

  • Biobased content from sustainably harvested forests
    • Appeals to consumer demand for environmentally friendly products. 
  • Reduced environmental impact
    • Less waste thanks to long life and ESC resistance
    • Excellent flow and durability allow thinner walls.

Trēva is the first engineering bioplastic. Unlike other bioplastics, Trēva also is backed by the technical and electronic market expertise of Eastman.

*** Eastman U.S. Sustainable Leader Consumer Community. Source: 2018 Electronics Survey.

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