Plastics for sustainable innovation

Sustainability is an issue that energizes consumers—and creates opportunities for manufacturers and retailers to differentiate their products based on content sourcing and environmental messaging.

Consumer demand for sustainable electronics and fierce competition among brands have created new opportunities—and driven new strategies—for brands in terms of how they differentiate their products and grow their customer bases.

Although sustainability is not a primary purchase driver in electronics, it has become a point of differentiation for brands willing to capitalize on the unmet need for sustainable materials.

Sustainably-minded electronics customers define sustainability by the materials used to create their devices; such consumers consider bioplastics to be the sustainable material of choice. In response, Eastman not only created the first engineering bioplastic, Eastman Trēva™ engineering bioplastic, but also continues to develop other innovative polymers for sustainable electronics and pursuing electronics stewardship initiatives. Learn more about this dedicated approach to sustainable innovation.

A material difference that goes beyond the material

To help customers address the unmet needs of today’s electronics consumer, Eastman recently conducted market research focusing on sustainable electronics. Results indicate that:

  • Materials define sustainability, making them core to a brand’s sustainability evolution.
  • Brands need to offer more sustainable materials in their electronics.
  • Brands need to actively avoid harmful materials.
  • Brands need to make consumers aware of devices that are made with sustainable materials.
  • A majority of consumers say they would pay more for devices made with sustainable materials.
  • Bioplastics are the sustainable material of choice.

Eastman offers customers the valuable results from this research in a revealing infographic. We would like to discuss how these results can be applied to help you create more sustainable electronics products.

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Results from recent consumer market research on sustainability.
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