When your crops stand up, your results stand out.

The complexities of maximizing yields in cereals are countless. Growers can choose a promising variety and the level of nitrogen management. However, rain, wind, hail, topography, soil fertility, and other conditions are more difficult to control.

In an industry with as many variables and unknowns as agriculture, you can reduce some of the risk with a plant growth regulator (PGR). PGRs increase stem strength and root mass and reduce stem height, preventing lodging and subsequent yield loss.

Adjust™ SL plant growth regulator is the ultimate tool in cereal management, working effectively in different weather conditions across early and late crop growth stages. Adjust has a broad application window, giving growers flexibility when making decisions on maximizing field potential.

Grower benefits

  • Maximizes yield potential
  • Increases grain quality
  • Effective in low-temperature applications
  • Wide application timing
  • Improves harvest efficiency
  • Able to grow taller, higher-yielding varieties

Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions. Product labeling and associated claims may differ based on government requirements.
Pending EPA registration, Adjust SL is not yet registered for sale or use in the U.S.