Be green in any color.

Options that make your brands’ sustainability choices a reality

For cosmetics brands seeking to enhance their sustainability stories, Eastman’s portfolio of sustainable materials offers exclusive, credibly certified recycled solutions for packaging that does not compromise on aesthetics or performance.

Eastman is changing the game in sustainability of copolyesters.

We understand brands may need different routes in their journey to sustainability. With this in mind, we are offering two paths to sustainability—both available at scale. Right. Now.

Recycled content without compromise

Our Cristal Renew portfolio of materials offers brands many material options formulated to give designers ultimate creative freedom, with the same high quality and processing ease of our heritage copolyesters and now with high levels of certified* recycled content—providing the clarity, luster, color compatibility, and durability cosmetics packaging demands.

Recycled—and recyclable

For brands who need both a beginning-of-life and end-of-life solution, Eastman Cristal™ One is our new RIC1 resin that offers good color and high clarity in thick-wall applications. Cristal One comes as close as possible today to the beauty and prestige of existing copolyesters in highly demanding applications.

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Plastics play a vital role in our everyday life, but plastic waste is simply unacceptable. Enabling the circular economy by tackling the global plastic waste problem is a top priority for Eastman. One of the ways we are addressing the problem is by offering more sustainable copolyesters for our cosmetic packaging portfolio of products.

Cosmetics buyers are sophisticated. Today’s products must perform well but also appeal to consumers’ values and moods. That’s why making a good first impression by choosing the right material for an appealing look is so important. But you can make a better, longer-lasting impression by choosing materials that also stand up to the rigors of daily use while supporting your customers’ concern for the environment.