Eastman Solus™ 1250 performance additive


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Product description

Modern ink formulations are expected to deliver stunning colors, high print throughput, and durable graphics, all while protecting the safety of end-users. Eastman Solus™ 1250 performance additive is designed to deliver on the high performance expectations required of ink formulations. This cellulose ester enables low application viscosities at relatively high solids levels due to the robust solubility properties and medium butyryl content of these distinctive materials. Solus™ 1250 is soluble in a wide range of solvents and compatible with many other resins, and when dissolved in appropriate solvents a clear, colorless solution is produced. Supplied as a dry free-flowing powder, this product will also permit the use of solvent blends currently exempt from certain air pollution regulations. </br></br></br> Eastman Solus™ 1250 is based on cellulose, one of Earth's most abundant natural renewable resources, with an approximate calculated bio-content value of 40%. </br></br></br> For applications that require food contact compliance, please refer to Eastman Solus™ 1250 performance additive, food contact and discuss requirements with your Eastman technical representative.

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