Eastman Cristal™ copolyester
Eastman Cristal™ copolyester

Cristal EV600​ copolyester

Cristal EV600
Discover the luxury and quality of Cristal EV600 Cristal EV600
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Elegant chemistry for alluring markets

Eastman Cristal™ copolyester is the new standard in cosmetics packaging that captures the beauty of your product while captivating consumers. A glasslike high-flow polymer, Cristal EV600 is ideal for skin care jars and caps, color cosmetics packaging, and any packaging designed with medium to thick walls. It exemplifies a deep and transparent color neutrality—rendering a luxurious sparkling effect. 

Ease of processing

Cristal EV600 is the preferred copolyester for premium cosmetics packaging—immediately communicating luxury and quality. It demonstrates an unmatched ability to mold medium- and thick- walled transparent parts, making it a preferred choice for molders creating complex and captivating shapes.

A high-flow and versatile polymer, Cristal EV600 is suited for single and dual-shot molding.

Other processing advantages include:

  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Minimal whitening or mushrooming at the gate
  • Chemical compatibility without regulatory concerns
  • Easy color dispersion
  • Compatibility with common decoration technologies such as silk screening, tamper-evident features, and hot stamping

Chemical compatibility without regulatory concerns

With excellent chemical resistance, Cristal EV600 helps protect the integrity of products and maintain brand image. This ensures consumers experience products at their best, from the first luxurious moment to the last. And it’s not manufactured with halogens, heavy metals, BPA, arsenic, chlorides, nitriles, styrene, OGMs, or ortho-phthalates. This makes Cristal EV600 suitable for most skin care and color cosmetics.
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