Eastman Cristal™ copolyester
Eastman Cristal™ copolyester

Cristal Revēl copolyester

Be green . . . in any color.

Introducing Eastman Cristal Revēl™ copolyesters—a portfolio of proprietary PCR compounded products, most of which offer compatibility with the PET recycle stream. With Cristal Revēl, brands can enjoy many of the benefits they are accustomed to with Eastman copolyesters but in a 40% PCR, RIC1 material.

Eastman’s mechanical recycle stream technologies leverage the municipal recycle stream to compound high quality PCR feedstock with proprietary combinations of virgin copolyester. The resulting resin addresses a diverse set of needs in color, processing, sustainability, and mold thickness—all in a single-pellet solution. Additionally, most of these products are compatible in the PET recycle stream, enabling brands to “close the loop” via an existing and familiar recycling infrastructure.

A brighter solution for recycled content

Eastman Cristal Revēl copolyesters deliver sustainability without compromising many of the superior performance benefits you have come to rely on in The Glass Polymer. CRT and other upcoming Eastman chemical recycling solutions provide sustainable end-of-life solutions needed to complete the loop—and to advance Eastman’s vision of a circular economy.

Make cosmetics, not compromises.

Cristal Revēl copolyesters perform similarly to The Glass Polymer™ family of cosmetic materials, including the properties of chemical resistance, strength, slow crystallization, design flexibility, and clarity. However, Cristal Revēl PCR-compounded copolyesters also will offer up to 50% post-consumer recycled content for potential compatibility with PET recycle streams.

A portfolio of resins for tunability

Cristal Revēl portfolio allows tunability to achieve desired sustainability goals and unique performance in color, mold thickness, and haze. For example, Cristal Revēl copolyesters featuring 40% PCR content are compatible in the PET recycle stream as an RIC1 resin; these are best suited for medium tints and are available immediately to meet brands’ sustainability needs. Cristal Revēl products with 15% PCR will be ideal for light tints and best aesthetics.

A single-pellet solution with processing efficiency

Eastman Cristal Revēl copolyesters are provided in a single homogeneous pellet—no mixing or blending required. For current PETG users, Eastman’s 40% PCR resin processes like PETG, enabling molded parts of 5 to 15 mm without crystallization. As a copolyester replacement, new molds are generally not required— avoiding costly mold changes necessary to switch to PET or PP. Compared to traditional PET, Revēl requires less drying time and lower melt temperature.


Most grades allow recycling through established PET streams. Others can be recycled via Eastman’s recently announced advanced circular recycling (ACR).
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