Eastman Cristal™ One copolyester

RIC1 resins that make your brands’ sustainability choices a reality

Why choose between RIC and recycled content when you can have both?

For brands who need both a beginning-of-life and end-of-life solution, our Eastman portfolio of recycled and recyclable resins offers a solution for a wide variety of applications and part construction.

For thinner-walled packages

Our Cristal EN Renew series, available in 30% and 50% certified* recycled content options, is great for thinner-walled molded parts and some ISBM applications. Cristal EN Renew has a winning combination of good color and high clarity for molded parts in an RIC1 resin. A modified PET, Cristal EN Renew is designed for improved flowability to prevent haze.

*Via mass balance allocation

For medium- to thick-walled packages

Available late 2020, Cristal One Renew comes as close as possible today to the beauty and prestige of existing copolyesters in highly demanding applications. For brands who need both a beginning-of-life and end-of-life solution, Cristal One Renew offers good color and high clarity for molded parts. And Cristal One meets the California/ASTM guidelines for RIC1 designation and APR Critical Guidance testing standards for PET.

Selection guide

Qualiform is the first to offer Cristal EN Renew series of bottles for luxury brands. Selection guide

Cristal One Renew is a PET-based RIC1 product that has good color and can maintain clarity up to approximately 12 mm in thickness. For ISBM applications, it is a suitable substitute for PETG and PCTA in thick luxury bottles with complex shapes.

“We are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in a RIC1 product in both process and processability.”

–Cedric Perben, Global technology lead for cosmetics packaging

This product successfully walks the fine line between standard PET and standard copolyesters. PET would crystallize under such thick-walled conditions. Cristal One Renew doesn’t crystallize and is compatible with traditional municipal recycle streams. This modified PET chemistry allows Cristal One Renew to deliver an RIC1 material with good color and clarity at these thicknesses.

Be green in any color. Right. Now.

Cristal One Renew is available with 30% or 50% certified recycled content in the standard products, and it is chemically identical to virgin product, so there is absolutely no drop-off in either performance or aesthetics. Plus, you can use your existing molds.